Travel Therapy: Why You May Need a Vacation

Young Woman Waiting with a Suitcase on a Jetty

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning with the thought that the new day offers no more challenges for you?

Do the humdrum of routinary daily activities bore you? Your blood seems to flow sluggishly through your veins, and instead of singing, humming, or whistling a merry tune as you shower, you find yourself sighing, complaining, criticizing, and preparing for the worst part of the day. As you look in the mirror, you don’t see a happy reflection gazing back at you.

Languor, apathy, discouragement, and even mental depression every now and then may be normal for some of us (especially noticeable on some women during the menstrual cycle or at the onset of menopause), but when you find yourself indulging in them in at too frequent intervals, it probably is a danger signal that you need to do something about it.

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