5 Spanish Speaking Travel Destinations Outside of Spain

Learning a language by immersion may be the best and most fulfilling way to absorb and apply what your have learned in your Spanish language class. After all the lessons with your language tutor and you have saved enough for a short vacation, why not go to a travel destination that speaks the language?

 You may also be a Spanish-speaking traveler who would like to be with kindred tongue during your travel adventures, this list is also for you.


Located at the eastern southern part of South America, Argentina is a country rich in European influences particularly of architecture, art, and literature. Much of Argentina’s culture is heavily influenced by the Italians; however, when you reach Buenos Aires, it feels more like Paris than Rome.
Best visited during the summer, the beaches offer an array of beautiful resorts and mansions. Make it a point to visit the spectacular Iguazu Falls, which is one of Argentina’s natural wonders.


This narrow strip of land is sandwiched between the Andes mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. This 4300km stretch offers a breathtaking smorgasbord of natural beauty including deserts, beaches, glaciers, fjords, and rainforests. Museums offer a visual documentation of their heritage. If you have enough time, do visit Easter Islands, which is a boat ride away. Chile also offers amazing skiing destinations.


Visit Colombia during the first half of the year to truly enjoy the sites sans the rainfall. Colombia offers a variety of sports activities including skiing, water skiing, fishing, boating, and golfing among others. Do visit the ancient walled-fortress city of Cartagena. The climate is generally warm, so bring lots of comfortably cool clothes.


A next-door neighbor to the United States, Mexico is popular tourist destination for many Northern and Southern Americans. This country, along with its lovely beaches, savory food, and festive culture provide a warm and adventurous recluse from the chilly weather up north. Visit Mexico between October to May to enjoy a milder weather.



This Caribbean paradise with heavy Hispanic influences in language and culture is a popular honeymoon and recreation destination. You can indulge in the beauty of nature’s offerings and yet enjoy the comforts of modern pleasures. A wealth of pristine beaches await you there. Should you need other diversions, Dominican Republic has shopping destinations, high end hotels, bars, nightclubs, and casinos

Travel while you can. Travel while you are young. Travel while you can still walk, run, climb, and clearly see the beauty of nature. Plan your next vacation. It does not have to be grand. Just book a budget hotel and backpack your way to your next adventure.   

What To Do During a 2 Day Tour in Rome

Rome is a feast for the eyes, the intellect, and the palate. Known as the Eternal City, this cultural capital has influenced the world in more ways than you can ever imagine. Given two days to indulge in a Roman holiday, these are some of the highlights you can enjoy during your stay in Rome.

image by armigru

Day 1
Start off by visiting the The Sistine Chapel. Catholic or not, you can go and admire the stunning artworks of Michelangelo. At St. Peter's Basilica, there the iconic Peta marble sculpture awaits. After lunch cross the Tiber river to view the ruins of ancient Rome, particularly the Forum, the Circus Maxima, and Coliseum. Take time to enjoy the night life of the city by visiting various restaurants and pubs in Rome or take a shopping spree at Via Condotti.

Day 2
As much of the historical sites have been covered during the first day, take the 2nd day to tour the Roman Baths of Carcalla and imagine how the ancient Romans indulged in luxury and pleasure as you take a historical stroll within the complex.

Enjoy history and a total shopping experience along the Via del Corso, situated at the historical center of Rome. Don't forget to soothe your palate with the gelato offered in various flavors.

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