Biking Destinations To Try in Latin America

Copper Canyon, Mexico 

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At about 4 times the size of the Grand Canyon, Mexico’s Copper Canyon is the biggest such system in North America. On this 80-mile hiking-biking expedition, you’ll ride along soaring water falls, mining villages, imposing canyon walls and rugged dessert scenery.

Soberania National Park, Panama
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Situated just 15 miles outside of Panama City, Soberania National Park is easily accessed from the city through the Madden Raod to Gamboa. Many bikers ride straight away from the capital to the park, which is about 85 square miles. Once inside the park, cruising on the 15-mile Pipeline Road, you’ll chance upon panoramic canal views and share paths with green iguana, different types of monkeys, and about 500 species of birds, here in Latin America’s birders paradise

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Surfing Destinations at Central Nicaragua

Nicaragua is back on the map after slipping under the travel radar due to decades of revolution. This is not so good  news for those surfers who have already known about the country’s near constant offshore winds, low 8-‘s water temperature, and clean world-class waves. The surfing epicenter is the favorite of expats, San Juan Del Sur in the southwest, which is striking distance by boat from such celebrated breaks as Popoyo and Manzanillo. But to escape the crowds, proceed to the harder-to-access north-central coast for empty lineups, offshore winds 250-plus days a year(minus the unpleasant gusts that can batter the south), and an authentic Nicaraguense vibe.Celiminate the challenges of unruly roadsand tough to find breaks with an outfitter like Surf Tours Nicaragua, which will take you by boat or 4x4 to the best spots. Seven day packages from would normally cost around $800.

For your surfing gear and apparel, do check out some surf shops online to browse for the top surfing equipment suppliers.

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Swim With The Sharks in Cocos Island, Costa Rica

 Swim With The Sharks in Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is famous as the most diverse eco-destination worldwide.  This beautiful place is packed with cloud forests, rain forests, volcanoes, mountains, white-sand surf beaches, and whitewater rapids.  But beneath the pristine Pacific waters lie giants:  tiger sharks, whale sharks, and hammerheads. 

At Cocos Island at Costa Rica, scuba divers come to spot these mega-sharks.  This island is a protected national park located about 36 hours by boat from the mainland, making it far enough for these magnificent creatures such as humpbacks and mantas to gather and play.  It is also among the few locations where school of hammerheads converge.  After sharks mate, they are wounded and bruised.  Cocos Island has been their favored spot to clean up and recover where barber fish eat the parasites out of their post-mating injuries -- a scene that divers can watch. 

Sharks are abundant in this area year round.  However, the surge of the rainy season around May to November may prolong the boat crossing.

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Travel Guide: Interesting Destinations in Arizona

Whether you are planning to have an Arizona getaway either at a resort, go on a shopping spree for arts and crafts, or just delighting in its natural landscape beauty, Arizona’s outdoors lifestyle would leave you regenerated.

The Westward Look Resort, situated on 80 acres in Tucson, Arizona’s lavish Sonoran Desert, is perfect for those searching for a tranquil escape. This fresh and clean region has an amazing assortment of plants, birds and wildlife. Delight in horseback riding, bird observing, hiking, and swimming on the resort, plus enjoy golf and mountain biking around. The resort’s suite-sized lodgings, with design cues inspired by the bordering Sonoran desert, provide spectacular panoramas of the mountain ranges, desert, the city, and some suite extend private outside hot tubs. Therapeutic healing spa feature regional desert botanicals.

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Underground Tour of the Florida Caverns State Park

As the name would have it, Florida Caverns State Park is a location to view stalactites, stalagmites, and other cave characteristics, but it also features a mixture of natural plant families, involving one in which Appalachian Mountain species extend to their southernmost limitation. The park rests sixty-five miles northwesterly of Tallahassee, near the humble city of Marianna, the place of Jackson County. It enshrouds a two-square-mile portion that runs from 65 to 180 feet above sea level. Flowing through and through from north to south is the Chipola River, Choctaw for "sweetwater." The river is 80 feet wide in a few places, but it also goes deep down for about half a mile.

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Gourmet Dining at the Volterra Prison, Tuscany

On a Friday night, the idea of going to a gourmet dinner at a 16th-century Medici Fortress overlooking the rolling, ‘trapped in the Middle Age’ town of Volterra in the Italian region of Tuscany is a must try. Simply, this is not your ordinary Tuscan dining experience. The fortress is a maximum-security prison, where the meal is handled, prepared and served by thirty of its one hundred fifty inmates.
In order to dine in the Volterra Medici Prison fortress, visitors should reserve weeks in advance, send copies of their passports, for obvious security reasons, and pay up $44. All proceeds go straight to charity. When leaving bags and cellphones at the door, the 120-odd clients are guided to a candlelit court for nibbles and Prosecco. The meal is given in a cavernous deconsecrated chapel prettied up with tablecloths, hand-crafted table decorations, glasses, plates and of course plastic cutlery, one of the grants designed for security.

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Interesting Places to Visit in Kyoto, Japan

The bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto is the fastest way to reach Kyoto. Kyoto shopping and Kyoto temples such as the golden temple Kyoto, are just some of the attractions in Kyoto.