Swim With The Sharks in Cocos Island, Costa Rica

 Swim With The Sharks in Cocos Island, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is famous as the most diverse eco-destination worldwide.  This beautiful place is packed with cloud forests, rain forests, volcanoes, mountains, white-sand surf beaches, and whitewater rapids.  But beneath the pristine Pacific waters lie giants:  tiger sharks, whale sharks, and hammerheads. 

At Cocos Island at Costa Rica, scuba divers come to spot these mega-sharks.  This island is a protected national park located about 36 hours by boat from the mainland, making it far enough for these magnificent creatures such as humpbacks and mantas to gather and play.  It is also among the few locations where school of hammerheads converge.  After sharks mate, they are wounded and bruised.  Cocos Island has been their favored spot to clean up and recover where barber fish eat the parasites out of their post-mating injuries -- a scene that divers can watch. 

Sharks are abundant in this area year round.  However, the surge of the rainy season around May to November may prolong the boat crossing.

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