What To Do During a 2 Day Tour in Rome

Rome is a feast for the eyes, the intellect, and the palate. Known as the Eternal City, this cultural capital has influenced the world in more ways than you can ever imagine. Given two days to indulge in a Roman holiday, these are some of the highlights you can enjoy during your stay in Rome.

image by armigru

Day 1
Start off by visiting the The Sistine Chapel. Catholic or not, you can go and admire the stunning artworks of Michelangelo. At St. Peter's Basilica, there the iconic Peta marble sculpture awaits. After lunch cross the Tiber river to view the ruins of ancient Rome, particularly the Forum, the Circus Maxima, and Coliseum. Take time to enjoy the night life of the city by visiting various restaurants and pubs in Rome or take a shopping spree at Via Condotti.

Day 2
As much of the historical sites have been covered during the first day, take the 2nd day to tour the Roman Baths of Carcalla and imagine how the ancient Romans indulged in luxury and pleasure as you take a historical stroll within the complex.

Enjoy history and a total shopping experience along the Via del Corso, situated at the historical center of Rome. Don't forget to soothe your palate with the gelato offered in various flavors.

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