Great Botanic Gardens in Canada

Today Royal Botanical Gardens’ nature sanctuaries exhibit substantial biodiversity, with nearly 1,000 plant species, 25 species of mammal and 248 recorded bird species. Nearly 60 species of fish are present in the Cootes Paradise Marsh and adjacent water. The rehabilitation of Cootes Paradise continues as one of Royal Botanical Gardens’ most important project; the wetland is one of the few remaining major spawning areas for native fish on the lower Great Lakes.
Mr Ghaz takes us to a virtual nature walk.

Saudi Arabia Kaaba Shrine

According to the Muslim religion every Muslim must make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca, the birth place of Muhammad, at least once during his life time. This is known as one of the five pillars of Islam, or things that every Muslim should do. A Muslim who has completed the pilgrimage which is known as the hajj, gets the right to add the title ‘hajji’ to the end of his name. Many Muslims have to travel thousands of miles and spend their entire life savings to do this.

The Kaaba shrine is a building built in cube form and it is the most sacred place in the Muslim world. This building has a mosque built round it and Muslims all over the world face the Kaaba when praying, regardless of where they might be in the world.

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Honeymoon Hotels in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to pick out a honeymoon destination, but this New England beach resort town will surprise you. Not only is Hampton Beach affordable accessible, the entire main strip is the picture perfect representation of a summertime boardwalk haven. Affordable, accessible and so much fun, a romantic honeymoon in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire is bound to be shockingly successful.

There are several higher end hotels tucked in and among the family-friendly atmosphere of Hampton Beach lodging options. You will be hard pressed to find a name-brand multinational chain hotel on Ocean Boulevard, but there are a few Hampton destinations that create a romantic and luxurious environment.

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Honeymoon Hotels in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

5 Travel Tips for Travel to Krakow Poland

Krakow Poland is an interesting travel destination, and not as far from central Europe as it seems, Prague is just a few hours away by train. Also consider Krakow as a winter travel destination. You can hire a driver in a golf cart type contraption who will take you around town stopping at each interesting site, and the price is reasonable.

Here are a few tips from Petal.

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Tuscany, Italy: A Charming Tourist Destination

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Tuscany, Italy is celebrated for it visual, cultural, and artistic appeal. There must be a good reason why a lot of movies were filmed here. Visits to its cities: Pisa, Florence, or Livorno will leave you breathless with its ambiance of culture and art. A tour in the Chianti region arouses the senses to the aromas and flavors offered. Tuscany is famous for its spectacular tourist destinations in Italy. It also at this place where budding artists come to study under the masters. It is here where the fashion world takes its cues. Tuscany is also known as a romantic vacation destination.

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