Surfing Destinations at Central Nicaragua

Nicaragua is back on the map after slipping under the travel radar due to decades of revolution. This is not so good  news for those surfers who have already known about the country’s near constant offshore winds, low 8-‘s water temperature, and clean world-class waves. The surfing epicenter is the favorite of expats, San Juan Del Sur in the southwest, which is striking distance by boat from such celebrated breaks as Popoyo and Manzanillo. But to escape the crowds, proceed to the harder-to-access north-central coast for empty lineups, offshore winds 250-plus days a year(minus the unpleasant gusts that can batter the south), and an authentic Nicaraguense vibe.Celiminate the challenges of unruly roadsand tough to find breaks with an outfitter like Surf Tours Nicaragua, which will take you by boat or 4x4 to the best spots. Seven day packages from would normally cost around $800.

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image credit: Micah & Erin