Biking Destinations To Try in Latin America

Copper Canyon, Mexico 

image credit: thraxil
At about 4 times the size of the Grand Canyon, Mexico’s Copper Canyon is the biggest such system in North America. On this 80-mile hiking-biking expedition, you’ll ride along soaring water falls, mining villages, imposing canyon walls and rugged dessert scenery.

Soberania National Park, Panama
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Situated just 15 miles outside of Panama City, Soberania National Park is easily accessed from the city through the Madden Raod to Gamboa. Many bikers ride straight away from the capital to the park, which is about 85 square miles. Once inside the park, cruising on the 15-mile Pipeline Road, you’ll chance upon panoramic canal views and share paths with green iguana, different types of monkeys, and about 500 species of birds, here in Latin America’s birders paradise

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