Interesting Historical Sites of Newport Beach

Throughout Newport Beach you will find several historic sites that are worth checking over.  A lot of them were in existence back in the early 1900's, which is perfect to view for anybody who would like to see what the past times were like or to know more about the history regarding Newport Beach.

Balboa Pavilion
Situated at 400 Main Street, the Balboa Pavilion is the 1st landmark for Newport Beach.  Constructed in 1905, the pavilion was the end destination for the Red Car of the Pacific Electric.  Nowadays, the Balboa Pavilion hosts a selection of shops, a chartering company, and even a restaurant.

McFadden's Wharf
Finished in 1889, the wharf started the decade for Newport functioning as a shipping port.  Built by Robert McFadden and James, the wharf was a great path to ship lumber from Northern California to those who settled down there.

Old Landing
The Old Landing is situated at Highway 101 & Dover Drive.  Instituted in 1870, the Old Landing was assigned to be a new port by the McFaddens, who carried on to build a shipping service in the area of Newort.  Now, there's already a bridge and highway on an area of the site.  The rest of the area of the Old Landing is vacant.

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