Items to Have in Your Basic Travel Kit

 Do not be caught unprepared when a traveling. Plan in advance and stuff your traveling bag with the essential things you need. The better organized and prepared you are, the more you will be able to enjoy the trip. Your traveler's kit may be divided into separate smaller kits to be better organized.  Here is a checklist of what should be included:

Be prepared on anything that can happen during a trip, especially the medical mishaps. Even small wounds should be attended.  Keep your first- aid kit handy at all times.
For wound treatment, have a roll of bandage, safety pins and small scissors. Pincers may also be needed for pulling out foreign objects that penetrate the skin. Bring a small tube of antibiotic ointment, Betadine, and rubbing alcohol for treating wounds. If you are allergy-prone and tend to itch a lot, bring antihistamine medications such as Benadryl.
Common medicine
Bring along medications that you may probably to use, like pain relievers, laxative for proper bowel movement and headache medicines. If you have a runny nose, buy some decongestants.  Motion sickness and dehydration is also common when traveling, ask your doctor about the appropriate medicine for you.
Prescription drugs
Remember to bring with you any medication you are required to take. Have enough supply to last for the whole duration of the trip.

This kit should include your toiletries. This will help keep you looking fresh every time.
You should bring your toothbrush, toothpaste and floss.  Have a small bottle of mouthwash handy.
Pack your favorite comb, brush, shampoo, and other hair products (if you are using them) such as conditioners, gel, hair spray, etc. in smaller containers.
This includes your make-up kit. But only bring the cosmetics that will most likely to use. Bring along a handy mirror. You may take your manicure set with you, too.
Skin protection
Protect your skin during travel.  Bring your sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellents, and lotions.
Bathroom needs
Have your own set of toilet papers, personal sized soaps, towels and face cloth.  International airlines usually provide a travel kit with these.  But it is better to bring some extra for your use once you have landed.

Flashlights, duct tapes, lighters, and pocket knife are included in this kit.  Pack them well especially if you are traveling by air.   Cellular phones are necessary, make sure to bring your battery charger and an extra cell phone battery.

This includes your travel journal, books, laptop, and a language book if needed. Enjoy the fantastic views to the fullest with your binoculars and your camera.
Traveler's kits vary greatly depending on the travel destination, the activities, and your needs as a traveler.  The suggested kits are merely essentials. What's important is to make sure that you keep everything checked and have fun during your trip.

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