Northern California Redwood Country

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The Redwood region of Northern California is among the most beautiful areas in the USA. Imposing redwoods line the roads "as far as the fog flows" and the Pacific Ocean crashes into the shoreline. Some of the beaches are rugged and surrounded by dangerous currents. Others are serene and protected, having long empty stretches just made for solitary walks. You could dash up from San Francisco on Highway 101 or you can spend hours wending through the coastline on Highway 1. You could enjoy the Victoriana of Ferndale and Eureka or you can lose yourself in the small fishing villages of Rockport and Noyo. Whale watching is a popular pastime from December to April. The waters might be too cold to swim in, but the fish thrive and are there for the catching. You can get away from it all in the sylvan glens and picnic areas through the Avenue of the Giants, marveling on man's smallness beside a three hundred foot tree. Redwood Country allows you to set your own pace—there are several places to see and things to do near each other, and there are sufficient parks and beaches for you to relax or picnic in, each time the mood strikes. It's a great place for a weekend, or a week.

Gingerbread Mansion Inn Gingerbread Mansion InnGingerbread Mansion Inn
Exquisitely turreted, carved and gabled, the Gingerbread Mansion Inn is a visual masterpiece. One of Northern California's most photographed buildings, this Grand Lady of the Victorian Village also posseses a beautifully restored interior.

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