Hassle-Free and Budget Check in Luggage Service from Seoul to Incheon

Travelers leaving South Korea through Incheon Airport can easily have their luggage taken cared of at the Seoul Station. This is great for those who have not yet made any airport transfer reservations and those who are traveling in South Korea on a shoestring budget.

 A hotel airport service would normally cost 80,000 – 130,000KW. An airport bus from Seoul would cost around 15,000KW. If you would like to save money on airport commute, you may take the express train via AREX (Airport Express). The fare only costs 8,000KW. 

You may also conveniently check –in your luggage at the Seoul Station terminal.

Just like at the airport, the airline staff will assist you with the departure procedures including flight check-in and immigration routines. 

Travel time is about an hour, so, be sure to buy your tickets early because the seats are reserved. When we travelled to South Korea, our departure flight was scheduled at 8:15 pm. We bought our tickets at around 3:30 pm and proceeded with the luggage check-in procedures.  It was a Sunday and there were lots of passengers that time. We were able to catch the 4:35 train schedule. 

The AREX site recommends to check-in at least 3 hours prior to airline departure time. I suggest you go earlier, especially during weekends and holidays to ensure that you will get seats and arrive at the airport on schedule.