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Madonna di Campiglio is a league of its own when it pertains to flaunting style on the ski slopes. The ski resort pulls in almost entirely Italian holidaymakers - many of them more engaged in the posing and promenading than with the pistes themselves. Indeed, Campiglio (the chosen abbreviation 'Madonna' is a moderately strong swearword in Italy) can usually feel like the Monaco of the Italian ski circuit, and most especially in the month of January every year, when Ferrari holds their international press conference in town to introduce its drivers for the coming year.

Campiglio's cosmopolitan style can be seen, on a regular basis, showcased in the numerous swanky fashion boutiques, high-class restaurants and  four-star hotels, all in the blissfully “pedestrianised” town center. Prices are quite higher than you may expect, but then this isn't a resort aimed at young hell-raisers on a beer budget; indeed, the nightlife is far from typically hedonistic (although anything tends to go at the out-of-town Zangola club). Campiglio is suitable for beginners and young families: the slopes are seldom disorderly, almost one-half of them easygoing blues and all brilliantly maintained with a first-class system of grooming and a lot of snow blowers.

Being a ski beginners' heaven, Madonna di Campiglio has a lot of long, easygoing blues that even complete newbies would be comfortable cruising by the end of the week. To get things started, ride the free shuttle bus to Campo Carlo Magno, where a good choice of non-threatening nursery slopes help in taking the edge off. Not long after, you will be gear up for the big time, and it doesn't get any larger than the network of winding blue runs that start from the peak of Passo Groste (2,505m; accessed via the Groste gondola at the far end of town), culminating in the Pozza Vecia piste to Campiglio - although watch out for crowds during peak season, as this is one of the more popular runs. Similar epic adventures are waiting at the top of the Pradalago on the other side of the valley: beginners can take the Pradalago Facile from top to town, featuring wonderful sweeping sights through the jagged Brenta peaks.

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy Ski Resort Review

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